Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas from December to January with Chupacabra – What’s Biting?

December is a great month to visit Cabo San Lucas. The weather is perfect ranging from mid to high 70’s with medium humidity. With this type of weather comes great fishing too. Striped marlin, yellow fin tuna, dorado, and wahoo are just waiting to bite. These fish bite at different times of day, so if you book a half or full day, morning or afternoon you have a great chance of getting something on the line.
sport fishing vessel
January brings temperatures in the 70’s with much sunshine to be enjoyed. There is a large variety of fish biting during this month. If there is something on your bucket list to catch, this would be a great time to book a Cabo fishing charter. With striped marlin and dorado biting on the Pacific side and yellow fin tuna biting in the Sea Of Cortez, you can dream of a great day on the water. Other varietals found at this time of year are rooster fish, trigger fish and Spanish mackerel, with many surprising opportunities as well.
February has a slight shift in humidity, meaning a slight change in the available catch. Striped marlin are still biting, as well as smaller yellow fin tuna. We also start to see sea bass, pompano, grouper, and snapper. There is a sense of mystery in the sport of fishing as you never really know what is swimming below you waiting for your bait often until it is close enough to the boat and the thrill of the catch is rushing through your veins.
fishing cabo san lucas
A bonus about coming during this time of year is the whale migration that is taking place. While on board, the chances of seeing one (or more) of these majestic creatures passing by is a true sight and quite likely.
All in all the Pacific Ocean and Sea Of Cortez accessed around Los Cabos offers a very exciting and unique fishing experience, especially when aboard the luxury fishing vessel Chupacabra. With the expert crew, the latest electronics, and the Seakeeper Giro installed (reducing roll by over 80%) , you can guarantee a balance between service, adrenaline and comfort for all on board.
Personalization of packages available through Captain Clay via phone
USA: 01.928.444.2066 or MX:52.624.108.4506 or email

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